Fly ash as an effective forest fertilizer

Granulation is a process, in which dusty and harmful fly ash is transformed into an effective and easy-to-handle forest fertilizer. The process opens up the possibility to enrich the granules with different additives, depending on the forest in question. Granulated ash has a much more long-lasting effect on the soil, compared to ash in its dusty form.  

Granulated ash is a greener alternative

Legislation and public opinion are changing in favor of green values, away from fossilized, non-renewable fuels. This makes renewable biomass a more attractive alternative in clean energy production. In the principles of sustainable development, ash is returned into the natural cycle.
Rakeistus Oy

From innovation to implementation

Rakeistus, founded by Juha Pelkonen in 2012, came from the idea that there has to be a better way to handle ash than to just take it to a landfill. From this idea Rakeistus developed, and is nowadays both granulating ash and selling granulation machinery.


Rakeistus Oy
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