For ash producers

As a by-product, wood burning produces fly ash, which contains valuable nutrients. These nutrients can be returned to the natural cycle as a forest fertilizer. We provide ash producers (power plants) with customized granulation installations for granulating fly ash, as well as an ash reception service.

Granulation installations

Our granulation installations are the result of our own product development. The installations are highly automated and cost-effective. They are designed and manufactured at the workshop of Rakeistus Oy in Oulu, Finland.

Our granulation installations are designed for granulating bio-based fly ash. The granulated ash can be used as a forest fertilizer or a construction material in earthworks. The installation can also be used to granulate and stabilize other bio-based industrial side streams.

Our installation comes with a recipe for producing forest fertilizers for peat and mineral soils.

Granulation plants

  • Container-built
  • Three sizes according to the production volume: 3.5 / 5.0 / 7.0 tons/hour
  • Can be integrated into smaller power plants or built as an autonomously operated unit using silos for ash storage.


Granulation facility

  • Can be integrated into production facilities.
  • A solution tailored to the needs and the production plant of the customer.
  • The size of the granulation facility is customized according to the ash production volume.
  • An optimal solution for ash production volumes exceeding 8000 tons/year, or when there are distinct peaks in the ash production.

Ash reception service

Our ash reception service is an easy way for ash producers to have the ash further processed.

We accept bio-based fly ash that is suitable for use as a forest fertilizer.

We design and manufacture ash silos or container solutions suitable for smaller ash producers’ ash storage. Storage in ash silos ensures that the ash is maintained in an appropriate form for further processing.

The transportation from the power plant to the granulation facility can be included in the reception service.

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